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Free workshops for 2000 children at Children’s Belgrade Cultural Center

by , Posted on 5th Mar 2016

Children’s Belgrade Cultural Center will host “Tesla Genius“, specially designed workshops for young learners, starting this Saturday (March 5th) and lasting until the end of 2016.

The idea of the project, which will be implemented for the first time in Serbia, is to enable 2000 boys and girls aged 5-7 to expand their knowledge and develop their creativity and imagination by participating in this unique program. Workshops – playgroups are the part of Little Genius Academy – Tesla Genius project, launched by experts at the Energy Innovation Center TESLIANUM. Novak Djokovic Foundation in cooperation with CBCC has supported the project and provided funds for its implementation. The main goal of the workshops is to let children learn more about Tesla’s life and his discoveries, and encourage development of their potentials by using innovative methods based on Tesla’s techniques.

Free-of-charge 1-hour workshops for children will take place twice a week at CBCC. Due to the method of learning through play, children will be able to develop their physical and mental skills and to improve their mindset through the techniques of memorizing, decision making, problem solving, breathing and healthy eating.


During the presentation of the project in Belgrade, Maja Jovanovic, NDF project manager, said that Tesla Genius workshops would provide valuable experience for preschoolers and first graders, and instill in children a lifelong love of learning, specifically of science, at an early age.

We have decided to support the project as it highlights the importance of investing in early childhood development and preschool education, which is one of our goals. In addition, Novak Djokovic Foundation is also focused on promoting high-quality and innovative approaches to teaching and learning that can be quite beneficial for the youngest. In 2016 we celebrate Tesla’s 160th birthday. Therefore, we have provided funds for the workshops, trying to find a good and amusing way to show kids that learning the history of science and strategy can be fun. In the same time, we wanted to enable them to learn more about the work and inventions of one of the greatest scientists the world has ever seen. We would like to express our gratitude to Mirjana Prljevic, the creator of this project, and Ranko Rajovic, PhD as project co-author, for sharing their rich experience and extensive knowledge to make these interesting workshops for kids possible. We invite parents to bring their children and let them enjoy each moment of learning through play, said Jovanovic.

Maja Jovanovic, Novak Djokovic Fondacija

According to Mirjana Prljevic, the author of Little Genius Academy-TeslaGenius project and the president of the Energy Innovation Center TESLIANUM, this organisation wanted to be part of the important event marking the 160th birth anniversary of Nikola Tesla.

Though many institutions, organisations and individuals worldwide celebrate Tesla’s inventions and his contribution to science, educational programs in Serbia should include more facts about his life and work. Little Genius Academy- Tesla Genius project involves workshops- playgroups and Teslianum Almanah. Implementation of this project in Serbia will offer unique program that promotes knowledge, creativity and imagination. In other words, Tesla’s way of mind development. In the following nine months, starting from today, free workshops for kids, along with Teslianum Almanah will hopefully set a whole new dimension to child development through non-formal education and the method of learning through play. We sincerely hope that we will be able to continue with the implementation of this project even in the years to come. The best age to start with the process of mind development is between 5 and 7, which matches the age of our target group, said Prljevic.


Ranko Rajovic, PhD, co-author of the project, explained that investing in projects focused on early childhood development is crucial, since this is the right period to build the basis for academic success and achievements later in life.

Stimulation of children at an early age is important for their motor and cognitive skills. Parents should be informed that physical activities during child developmental phases affect the creation of synapses in  large brain regions of the cerebral cortex, significant for cognitive skills. Therefore, parents are responsible for encouraging their kids to run, climb, jump and spin around as much as possible, taking care of their safety in the same time. Parents should also encourage mental activities of their children, as playing and having fun, in order to help them learn new things in a relaxed way, said Rajovic.


All parents interested in workshops can sign up their children using the application at CBCC official websiteакадемија-малих-генија-tesla-genius/ or call  011/ 3242 011 and 011/ 3242 012.

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    Wonderful work Novak and global team helping improve the lives and minds of youngsters. Love from Vesna in Oxford, UK

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