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Foundation “Novak Djokovic” donates 300 books to primary schools in Ljig, Gruza and Sirca

by , Posted on 5th May 2014

Foundation “Novak Djokovic” presented primary schools in Ljig, Gruza and Sirca with 300 books, which renewed the school libraries and increased the number of books in their collection. The action was symbolically launched on the occasion of the World Book Day, on April 23. Our friends from publishing houses “Kreativni Centar” and “Evro-Giunti” took part, as well as the youngest Serbian writer Una Kozic, who gifted a number of signed copies of her books to these schools.

The Foundation’s plan in the upcoming period is to collect more books and give them to students from other schools in Serbia, that are not part of the “Schools of Life – together for childhood” project.

NDF Knjige za LJig-4814-600

“When we saw the school libraries were outdated, that students were not able to read their favorite titles, and that they lacked books, we immediately launched this campaign to enrich the library funds. Our wish was to enable the children to grow up with their favorite characters, such as Harry Potter, The Three Musketeers, The Wizard of Oz, and also to get education from the school atlases and other encyclopedic publications. We all need to encourage a love of reading in children, and help them develop and refine their knowledge. We believe their childhood will be far richer,” – Jelena Ristic, the Chief Executive Officer of the NDF.

The books first arrived in Ljig, in primary school “Sava Kerkovic” which has nearly 750 students. We were privileged to hear the recital of Matija Beckovic poem “Knjiga” (The Book), performed by fifth grader Milica Markovic. Together with her friends, Milica took part at the district festival of reciters in Valjevo, where they had a remarkable performance.

NDF Knjige Gruza-4947-600

“The new, actual and popular titles attracted our students, giving them a different, interactive access to the books, a more opened experience of the world and encouragement to use their imagination. When you left, groups of children came and inquired about when they would be able to borrow the books to read. The donation was a great gesture, indeed! The NDF has contributed to our school library and made us all feel a part of something important,” – Jelena Drazic, the Serbian language and literature teacher.

Then we headed to Gruza, to primary school, “Rada Subakic”, which has over 450 students. The school library has about 10,000 books, a part of which is the mandatory student literature, but most of it with inadequate content. Nevertheless, the school has been trying to modernize the library with the help of parents. Each year they collect modest funds to purchase new books. This year in June, on the proposal of the Student Parliament and the Parents Council, they will organise book and textbook exchange.

“With the help of the Foundation, our school is now equipped with new books. The students have a positive reaction to contemporary titles they had not been able to find until recently. We hope that many individuals will be animated by this campaign, which would help our children grow into good and humane people,” – Vesna Petrovic.

We also enjoyed the company of children from Sirca, in primary school “Jovan Cvijic”. Although the school has only 150 students, they achieve good results at district and regional competitions in various fields. Due to lack of space, the primary school students share the library space with friends who attend the pre-school program there. There is great interest in children to read. They have been waiting eagerly for the opening of the School of Life in their community, which will enable them to have a reading room in the library, a quiet place where they could spend time reading books.

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