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Foundation donates CT scanner to Clinical Centre of Serbia

by , Posted on 10th Jun 2020

Latest generation CT scanner arrives to the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the Clinical Centre of Serbia

Thanks to the campaign of Novak Djokovic Foundation, in which medical equipment is being donated to healthcare institutions in Serbia, the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the Clinical Centre of Serbia received the latest Siemens CT scanner with all additional equipment. The value of the donation is EUR 300,000 and is a continuation of the Foundation’s support to the healthcare system in Serbia.

Global CEO and co-founder of Novak Djokovic Foundation, Jelena Đoković, personally handed the scanner over to Minister of Health Dr Zlatibor Lončar at the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the Clinical Centre of Serbia.

“I wish to express great gratitude to all medical personnel, doctors and nurses. We have good people, and when it’s the most difficult, that is when we unite the most and show the best results. Our Foundation responded to the needs of the healthcare system by immediately getting in touch and asking what we could donate, that would be the most important for them, not just for the current situation, but in their future work too. A scanner is something absolutely everyone needs for good diagnostics, and for us, the most important thing is to make their work easier as much as possible. I think that the device itself does not mean anything without such good people who work here and who are committed to their jobs. The total value of our Foundation’s donation to the healthcare system in Serbia is 1 million euros, and we have distributed it in different ways, specifically, this device cost EUR 300,000,” said Jelena.

Director of the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases Dr Goran Stevanović expressed great gratitude for the donation of valuable medical equipment.

“Today at the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases, a CT scanner device will become operational, a device which was procured thanks to the help and donation of the Novak Djokovic Foundation. This is a device which is extremely important to  us, both for everyday routine diagnostics outside of this epidemic, and currently, as one of the crucial tools for diagnostics. So far, diagnostics of such patients at the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Disease had been carried out by transporting them to the CT unit at the neurosurgery ward, and bringing them back, which carried a risk of greater exposure, the need for vehicles, disinfection, and it complicated the entire diagnostic procedure. Thanks to the donation of this device and the great effort of the technical department of the Clinical Centre which adapted the space in our building to accommodate this device, starting today, all patients who need CT diagnostic will be diagnosed in here. While the epidemic lasts, the machine will only be used for patients with the COVID-19 virus, and then as the situation normalizes, it will be included into the CT diagnostics system of the entire Clinical Centre of Serbia,” said Dr Stevanović.

Minister of Health, Dr Zlatibor Lončar, also thanked the Novak Djokovic Foundation for the donation.

“I wish to use this opportunity to tank Jelena and Novak Đoković and their Foundation, because they thought about the citizens of Serbia, because they thought about the healthcare system in Serbia, because they came, because they contacted us. They immediately spoke to the people from the Clinical Centre, asked what was needed to make the work of the medical personnel easier, so they can work even better, and to make it easier for patients. The scanner was needed at the Clinic for Infectious Disease to complete the process, so that patients no longer have to leave the clinic, and finally, with this donation, the clinic will have everything it needs to carry out complete diagnostics, without requiring the patients and the personnel to leave the clinic. You know how important that is with infections that are transmitted by droplets. I hope the cooperation will continue. We are endlessly grateful,” said Minister Lončar.

At the beginning of the healthcare crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus, founders of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, Novak and Jelena Đoković, donated 1 million euros for the procurement of necessary medical equipment for hospitals and healthcare institutions all over Serbia. So far, the Clinical Centre in Kragujevac has received four ventilators and 20 patient monitors worth around EUR 120,000. The general hospital in Kruševac received five ventilators and five patient monitors, while Čačak General Hospital, Ćuprija General Hospital and Studenica General Hospital in Kraljevo received five clinical monitors for monitoring the patient’s condition each.

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