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Foundation donates bicycles to children in South Serbia

by , Posted on 24th Apr 2013

Novak Djokovic Foundation has donated 43 bicycles today to socially disadvantaged children over 10 years old, from Vladicin Han, Surdulica, Bojnik and Lebane.

Together with the Association for Development of Children and Youth – Open Club Nis, the Foundation has selected children who have good standing in schools, who come from economically disadvantaged families and are members of the community centers in southern Serbia.

Gorana Dzudza Jakovljevic, project manager of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, pointed out that the message the Foundation is sending with this action is that it is important for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and from families who are living on the brink of poverty, to go to school. It is already a success, we see it and we support it.

“Our wish is to motivate children to play sports and to adopt a healthy lifestyle as a pattern. This time, the Foundation’s attention is focused on children who come from underdeveloped areas in southern Serbia, who attend schools and achieve excellent results despite poor living conditions. They will be on holidays from Friday, and we hope they will have great fun riding bicycles”

concluded Dzudza Jakovljevic.


Tamara Simonovic from the Association for Development of Children and Youth – Open Club Nis said that primary education is a real challenge for poor children and their families. Its continuation is a great success and, therefore, any support is needed and more than welcome.

“Support from the Foundation arrived at the right time. It meets children’s needs and will help them establish a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, bicycles are a great way to reward materially deprived children who achieve great results in school, to acknowledge and value their efforts and success. We hope that the Foundation will have actions of this kind in future, and that they will continue supporting underprivileged children,“ added Tamara Simonovic.


The Foundation also visited Pirot, Prokuplje and Nis on Tuesday and rewarded 32 children with new bicycles for good grades and behaviour in school.

Photos: ©vemicphoto

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