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Event ” The School Year Starts ” at Delta City mall

by , Posted on 27th Aug 2014

” The school year starts “, interesting and educational event for children and parents will be held from 29-31 August in the main hall at Delta City shopping mall in Belgrade.

Are your kids ready for school? Do they know how to sit at the desk properly, how to carry a heavy school bag, brush their teeth or wash their hands? When the school bell rings for the first time, will they know what to do? If you want to find answers to such questions, maybe you should take your kid and come to “The school year starts”, interesting and educational event which will be held from 29-31 August in the main hall at Delta City shopping mall in Belgrade.

Novak Djokovic Foundation and website look forward to seeing you there. So, do come and join us, have some fun and let the children learn what to expect at school.

Here is what we have for you there:

  • Find out how healthy your children are, and see how much books and notebooks they can actually carry in a backpack. There will be various games for kids, like “hand washing and brushing teeth competition”, or “test your knowledge of English language”. Children will also be able to play a synthesizer, guitar or even drums.
  • There will be a lot of drawing as well. The most creative and imaginative works will be rewarded. Meanwhile, parents can learn how to create digital photography book using photos of their children, how to keep them from getting sick, but also how to save some extra money and create a budget for buying necessary school supplies.

For the end of this wonderful event, we have prepared a surprise for 500 children from primary school “Paja Jovanović” in Vrsac, Serbia. Surely they will be more than happy to start this school year with new school desks and chairs, provided by NDF and other partners. Did you know that there are classrooms in this school still using “skamije” -antique school desks more than 50 years old? It’s high time we changed that!

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