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Children’s dream garden in “Anton Skala” school becomes reality

by , Posted on 8th May 2013

Children’s dream garden in Belgrade special elementary school “Anton Skala” has officially been opened today, three months after the Novak Djokovic Foundation had donated €50,000 for realisation of the project which won the first award in Beijing 2008, at the Mondialogo School Contest initiated by UNESCO.

After 25 years, the “Anton Skala” school has a new, modern and safe playground, where children will be able to enjoy, play and socialise with their school friends and children from the neighbourhood.

The playground has rubber safety surfacing, lines for basketball, handball and tennis drawn in different colours, and a hopscotch. New basketball backboard and rim feature solid construction that meets stringent safety standards.

There are also modern mini-fitness sets appropriate for school children. Delighted boys and girls were eager to try them out.


On one of the schoolyard plateaus there is a small wooden house, a summer classroom, where children and their teachers will be able to carry out classes in nature, in an interesting and beautiful environment.

Devices with sound and visual effects, for motor and logical skills development and playful education, are also important part of the project.

“I’m really happy we’ve provided better conditions for the children to grow up, develop and learn. Kids from the school will now be able to play safe and develop their motor skills, and it will certainly be a lot easier for wonderful teachers to work with them having those new devices. We hope to see more good people continue to make contributions and help the “Anton Skala” school provide better conditions for day boarding and working with children”

said Jelena Ristic, the Novak Djokovic Foundation director.


The school principal, Igor Raicevic, expressed his gratitude to the Foundation for the financial support to the project, and for spreading awareness which got other people to understand the necessity of helping those in need. Since they heard the Novak Djokovic Foundation helped the “Anton Skala” school, many of them wished to make contributions in order to provide better conditions for education and development of children with disabilities.

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Photos: ©vemicphoto

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