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Book donation of the “JRJ My Publisher”

by , Posted on 15th Jun 2014

Book publisher JRJ My Publisher and Novak Djokovic Foundation have started a successful and long term cooperation with a goal to enrich the stay of the children in kindergartens and schools through a donation in books. The following books The Chest Full of Fairy Tales, The Princess and the Pea, The Little Mermaid, The Magic Bean, The World Around Us, Andersen’s Fairy Tales, Bambi, Little Red Riding Hood are only a part of the titles this book publisher is going to donate to children in total amount of 300.000 dinars.

JRJ My Publisher has for many years mainly been engaged in publishing books for children of all ages, as they believe that their books, which are mainly educational and creative, will be a significant driving force for both children’s education as well as for the development of their skills. This is just the beginning of a successful and productive cooperation with Novak Djokovic Foundation.

– It is a great pleasure for us to follow the active role of NDF in society, and to donate children’s books from our program for pre-schools in Serbia. Also, some of our associates, psychologists, child educators, painters are eager and are with full attention willing to talk to children together with the kindergarten teachers, to provide support and to grow and thrive together through a game – said on this occasion Jovana Majstorovic managing director of this publisher.

Gordana Dzudza Jakovljevic, project manager of NDF pointed out that the cooperation with the book publishers is of a great importance for the Foundation.

– With JRJ My Publisher we have gained a significant partner and we are very happy about it, because we have the same goal and that is book donations for the children. We believe that these books will beautify their childhood, development and further educational progress. I would like to mention that our Foundation also has a cooperation with the book publisher Kreativni centar. They have long been our partners and friends with whom we also have a wonderful cooperation. We are very thankful because they always gladly join our campaigns and through donations help children in schools and kindergartens all over Serbia – Jakovljevic pointed out.


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