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Billboard campaign for “Support, not perfection” program launched across Serbia

by , Posted on 28th Nov 2019

Recognizing the necessity to provide additional encouragement for parents in order for them to offer the best possible support to their children, thanks to cooperation with ALMA QUATTRO Agency, Novak Djokovic Foundation launched a billboard campaign for the “Support, not perfection” program aiming to emphasize the importance of support given to the most responsible job in the world – parenting.

“As the main slogan of the campaign says: “Everything can be postponed, except the love you give your child”, the biggest and the most important task of a parent/guardian is to love and support their children. There is no such thing as “a perfect parent”. With messages written from children’s point of view, we wanted to remind everyone that, even though a parenting school doesn’t exist, a parent/guardian should be aware that their daily behavior toward their child should be governed by their long-term goals set out for their children. Long-term goals give us direction and motivation, and what we do on a daily basis helps us move closer to the final outcome step by step – and that outcome is a safe, responsible and satisfied child,” said Smiljana Grujic, one of the authors and coordinator of the “Support, not perfection” program.

Every parent wants their child to be happy and educated in the best possible way, and there is no period of our life during which we grow, learn and change more than in our earliest childhood. This is why, through this campaign, the Foundation wants to send a message about how important support is because they believe it is important for every parent and a legal guardian to know that there are no perfect parents or guardians.

Novak Djokovic Foundation would hereby like to thank Alma Quattro Agency which donated marketing space, enabling the program to be visible outdoors in many towns across Serbia, and allowing the information about this program to reach as many people as possible.

The goal of this free program for parents and guardians titled “Support, not perfection” is to encourage them to recognize the needs and feelings of their children and to teach them there are no such things as ready-made solutions and perfect parents, but rather, there are mums and dads who love and understand their children and give their love with clear boundaries. We have currently opened the new, sixth round of the project, and more than 1200 parents and guardians have been educated for a two and a half years since its launch, which indirectly impacted more than 2500 children.

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