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Another NDF action: New chairs and desks for primary school

by , Posted on 18th Mar 2014

The new activity that the NDF has carried out in partnership with PwC shows that our work is focused on helping and providing the best possible conditions for education of children.

Together we helped primary school “NH Siniša Nikolajević” from Belgrade to get new furniture, chairs and tables. This donation changed for better their classroom of informatics, which got completely new look. Students will now be able to study in more suitable conditions, and in the same time to feel much more comfortable during the class.

It is often thought that the big companies forget the needs of individuals and small groups when conducting their business globally. The PwC has demonstrated its corporate social responsibility by providing concrete help where it is most needed. Based on the existing cooperation with the NDF, the PwC gave us their trust by contacting us in order to conduct a joint humanitarian action and forward help to children in need.

When asked about the motive for PwC to help, Mr Miro Smolović, in charge of the PwC Academy operations, told us that it is their goal to contribute to progression of society through work and concrete donations. We are honoured that they’ve found an adequate partner in the NDF, and have given us their trust to carry out the action together.

Also, the scholarship they granted to our colleague and project manager of the Foundation, Gorana Džudža Jakovljević, to participate in the school of mini- MBA program, speaks volumes about the beautiful collaboration that the NDF is building with the PwC.

Mr Smolović said:

Money is not always adequate help, and good deeds can also be done with the less priced but concrete things. For that reason, we decided to donate furniture, tables and chairs, and help some institution that needs it most.

Given that the focus of the Foundation is education of children in Serbia, we recommended them to give donation to Belgrade primary school “NH Siniša Nikolajević”. The school has a large number of pupils, and the financial situation prevented them from freshening the school furniture for many years. Mr Vlatko Kljajić, the school principal, was pleasantly surprised with our action. He pointed out that this help will mean a lot to the pupils. We hope that this is just the beginning of our cooperation.

Last, but not the least, we need to mention that this action would not have been carried out so quickly had it not been for our friends from Avala transport, who delivered the furniture to the school address. Thanks for that.

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