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Announcement from NDF regarding floods in recent months

by , Posted on 1st Aug 2014

Announcement from Novak Djokovic Foundation regarding discontinuation of gathering of funds for the recovery of schools and kindergartens affected by floods in Serbia.

Through the announcement regarding floods, Novak Djokovic Foundation wishes to inform its partners, friends and donors that as of Friday, 1.08.2014. funds for the recovery of schools and kindergartens affected by floods in Serbia will no longer be gathered.

Dear donors, partners and friends,

We wish to inform you that from 1.8.2014, Novak Djokovic Foundation will not be raising funds for the reconstruction of kindergartens and schools that were destroyed in the floods in our country. At the same time, we wish to express our sincerest and most heartfelt gratitude to all who have taken part in this fundraising.

Up to now, we have collected approximately 1.900.000 USD, which should pay for the realization of plans and projects that NDF will be carrying out during the initiative for the reconstruction of kindergartens and schools in the flooded areas. Our Foundation has started working on the facilities right away, and we cooperated extremely well with local governments.

The funds came through:

  • Paypal account: 599.925,73 USD
  • Special account in Serbia: 2.149.347,00 RSD= 24.774,77 USD
  • Special account in Serbia:  690.380,04 USD
  • Network For Good: 57.398,69 USD
  • Account in Great Britain (Just Giving + Virgin Money Giving + donations): 33.905 USD
  • Account in USA: 530.284,34 USD

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In the next ten days, the reconstruction of the preschool institution “Galeb”in Petrovac na Mlavi, which 350 children attend, will be finished. For this purpose, 10 million RSD have been invested since 25.06.2014, and were used for the reclamation of the surface of 800m2, reconstruction of classrooms and bathrooms, as well as payment for other work done on the interior of the facility, all in order to make the stay for girls and boys in their new-old kindergarten as pleasant as possible.

More information on this project: Petrovac na Mlavi

The adaptation of the preschool institution “Dečja radost” in Svilajnac, which 450 children attended before the floods, is almost done. Here NDF is working on 2 of the 3 facilities, and the cost of this is 17 million RSD. The work on this facility started 11. 07. 2014. and the plan is for kids to start attending the renovated kindergarten from 01.09.2014.

More information on this project: Svilajnac

The plan for this year is also to completely renovate the kindergarten “Veseljko” in Obrenovac, which also has a central kitchen which makes 4.500 meals a day and supplies five other kindergartens in this town with these meals. In addition to this big project, the plan is to equip two other kindergartens in Obrenovac that have been badly damaged in the floods. We will inform you in good time about the precise sums that are determined for this purpose, as well as about other details connected to our activities.

In the following period, Novak Djokovic Foundation, in cooperation with local offices of UNICEF, will donate 110.000 Euros to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia in order to repair the damages the floods made. UNICEF in Bosnia and Herzegovina will use the donation of 100.000 Euros to reconstruct two kindergartens in Sanski Most and Šanac, while the UNICEF in Croatia will use 10.000 Euros to purchase disinfectants for the protection from diseases and mosquitoes, which jeopardize the health of children in the flooded areas.

More information: NDF donates 110.000 euros to UNICEF


NDF will continue to use the gathered funds in order to aid preschool institutions and schools in municipalities that were flooded and you can find all the information about our activities, plans and projects on our official Novak Djokovic Foundation web page.


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  •' Ana says:

    Such wonderful news, for the whole Novak Djokovic Foundation team and of course for all children from Obrenovac who are surely only waiting for going back to the kindergarten to be finally able to play and learn with their friends again. I’m so happy for them. Thanks to Knauf Insulation and also to you, NDF team, as you will do your best to reconstruct the kindergarten “Veseljko” as quick as possible!

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