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More Than 50 Children From Serbia Take Part in First “Friendship Games” on Kopaonik

by , Posted on 4th Oct 2013

More than 50 children aged seven to 10 from three rural primary schools, from Knic, Ljig and Raska municipalities, gathered in the first “Friendship Games” camp on Kopaonik. 

The Novak Djokovic Foundation has organised this event with desire to provide children with opportunity to meet and socialize, acquire new skills, play and create together and to learn through numerous art and creative workshops, games and group activities.

Upon arrival at hotel “Konaci”, boys and girls took part in a workshop where they presented themselves in interesting ways. Everyone got their “secret friend”, they made badges with personal names and learned about the ecosystem of the mountain.

The sun and the good weather allowed the kids to carry out numerous games on the outside courts in front of the hotel – “Between two fires”, as well as other interesting activities, workshops, dance games… They will make a joint work of art until Sunday – a “Tree of friendship”. Evenings are “reserved” for hairstyle, hats and mask shows, parties …

The “Friendship Games” (October 3-6) are a promotion of the right values, such as friendship, fair play, understanding, acceptance of diversity, healthy nutrition, but also of importance of teamwork and environmental awareness.

There is a nice friendship quote: The only way to have a friend is to be one.

Kopaonik is symbolically chosen as a place for the first “Friendship Games” camp because Novak Djokovic grew up there and made his first tennis steps with Jelena Gencic. He loves coming back to the mountain where he began dreaming his biggest dream and he wanted it to be the place for the first “Friendship Games”. The Novak Djokovic Foundation wants to encourage other children to dream, like Novak did.

The “Friendship Games” camp is supported by: Bambi company, Lasta, MK Mountain Resort, Next, Lavirint, TG Commerce, Delhaise, Rosa, with partners: CIP (Center for Interactive Pedagogy), and Young Scouts of Serbia.

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