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New school furniture arrived at elementary school Paja Jovanovic

by , Posted on 5th Sep 2014

Students from elementary school “Paja Jovanovic” in Vršac a few days ago received 18 new school desks and 36 new chairs! Old-fashioned, uncomfortable and unsuitable desks that these students had to use before were replaced with new school furniture, which they received thanks to “The School Year Starts” charity event.

This charity event was organized last weekend by the portal NajboljaMamaNaSvetu, with the help of Delta city, where Novak Djokovic Fondation also played an important and notable role.

It was a type of a fair, where all participants got the “ticket” for the event, by accepting to buy a desk and two chairs. Also, many interesting workshops for the children were organized in order to help the kids get to know with all the good things that school life brings.


Our team, together with a group of volunteers, socialized with kids at our well-visited stand. We made different shapes out of play dough, and we all enjoyed other fun activities with kids and their parents. Children got nice gifts, including balloons with the logo of our Foundation, which they liked most. In addition, for the youngest we also organized a face painting workshop.

Having considered the Foundation’s mission and vision, portal “Najbolja mama” let us decide which school should get the furniture. Since we’re trying to improve school conditions in as many municipalities as possible, we’ve easily chosen elementary school from Vrsac. Over 500 pupils from this school were using fifty-year-old school desks, which were uncomfortable and inappropriate. Therefore, we all agreed to help them as soon as possible, so we took these new desks and chairs to Vrsac a few days ago.


We hope that this is just the beginning of helping schools to replace the old school desks with the new furniture, and that in the near future we will be able to provide more similar donations for our little friends from Vrsac and other towns in our country.

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