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NDF and Children’s Development Center from Dubai Have Started Cooperating

by , Posted on 19th Mar 2015

NDF and Children’s Development Center from Dubai have started a wonderful cooperation. Serbian kids in Dubai can play, make new friends, learn to speak their native language and participate in interesting workshops.

If you wish for something hard and long enough, it will come true!

Our dear friends from Dubai believe in dreams, and, as they told us, they do their best to make them real. Children’s Development Center “Three little fingers” that they founded in the largest city in the UAE is something they are very proud. In this center, Serbian kids living in Dubai can play and have fun with their peers, make new friends, learn to speak their native language and participate in interesting workshops! “Three little fingers” is a wonderful place where children from Serbia and former Yugoslav countries can develop their imagination and creativity, be happy and joyful, and together discover the beauty of life.


The curriculum and the program in this center have been carefully planned according to the guidelines recommended by MENSA NTC learning system as well as approved by the KHDA – the regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai, responsible for the growth, direction and quality of private education and learning in the United Arab Emirates.

At “Three little fingers” children sing, draw, listen to music, and enjoy various educational activities suitable for kids of different ages. They learn Serbian, Macedonian, Italian, Spanish and English, have math lessons, participate in art and music workshops, learn traditional Serbian folk dancing and modern ballet. Kids here also play the guitar and the piano, learn how to use a camera, and do many other interesting things. Furthermore, professional educators in the center help children develop their interests, creativity and intellectual abilities.


Apart from regular activities for children, their parents can as well enjoy various cultural and art activities. There are many exhibits, literary evenings, theatrical performances, film or documentary screenings, etc.

From the very beginning, our goal has been to teach children things that make life even more beautiful, and instill the joy of giving in them. We wanted to do something good, not only for the Serbian children in Dubai, but also for other kids in our homeland, as well. Therefore, we came to an idea to organize charity Serbian language classes for children who live here. Through these workshops we raise funds to support activities and projects of Novak Djokovic Foundation. We are happy and proud to become NDF partners. We sincerely hope that our little act of kindness will make children happy and improve the conditions for early childhood development in Serbia! – said our friend from the Children’s Development Center “Three little fingers”.


Children’s Development Center “Three little fingers” is the first Serbian cultural and educational institution opened in the U.A.E. (Dubai). Several years ago, a few people, in a spirit of goodwill, founded this development center for Serbian children in U.A.E. The idea was to teach the kids and help them preserve Serbian culture, tradition and language. Thus, while growing up, they can learn all the positive things that characterize our people and our country. Today, the number of children who visit this center is larger than ever before.


For further information about Children’s Cultural Center “Three little fingers”, please visit this website.

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