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Novak Djokovic Foundation Equipped Kindergarten in Svilajnac

We are more than happy to announce that kindergarten in Svilajnac „Dečija radost”  has been officially opened today!

Grand Opening of Kindergarten “Veseljko”

Kindergarten “Veseljko”, the largest preschool facility in Obrenovac, has officially opened today by the representatives of Novak Djokovic Foundation and…

From Garden to Table

Creative workshop “From garden to table” was held in the School of Life in Gruza.

Children from the School of Life in Gruza Visited Pigeon Fanciers

Teachers from the School of Life in Gruza organize daily kindergarten programs in the best possible way with interesting and…

Healthy Teeth – Bright Smile

The dentist visited children from the School of Life in Biljanovac and hosted the workshop “Healthy teeth – bright smile”…

Kindergarten Veseljko Almost Reconstructed

After more than two months of complex works on the kindergarten “Veseljko” in Obrenovac the reconstruction is almost completed.

School of Life Opens in Kraljevo

We’re so happy to announce that the fourth School of Life is officially open within the preschool institution “Olga Jovičić…

The Second Schools of Life Seminar in Merošina

The goal of the second Schools of Life seminar, held in Merošina in mid-October, was to empower the teachers and…

Reconstruction of kindergarten “Veseljko” in progress

The entire team of construction workers work hard on kindergarten “Veseljko” to finish the facility reconstruction in due time.

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