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First Champion Steps with Novak

Within its program Path of a Champion, Novak Djokovic Foundation held a first of many workshops for parents, who will…

The “ABC of Better Me” Program Continues: Our Gardens are Growing Again

How do strawberries grow? Why should we pluck weeds? How do earthworms help plants? Thanks to our “ABC of Better…

Finished Reconstruction: Better Treatment Conditions in the 72-year-old Children’s Hospital

As part of our project “Future. On time.”, in the “Dr Olga Popović-Dedijer” pediatrics hospital, we reconstructed the hygienic parts…

The Novak Djokovic Foundation Renovated the Only Kindergarten in Aleksandrovac

The Novak Djokovic Foundation invested more than EUR 61,000 in the renovation of the kindergarten in Aleksandrovac fter decades of…

Grand opening of the 6th Friendship Games for 129 children from Serbia

The kids from disadvantaged communities, aged seven to ten, will spend six days in Kopaonik within the Friendship Games camp….

The Novak Djokovic Foundation donated over EUR 30.000,00 for two new kindergartens in Svilajnac

The Novak Djokovic Foundation donated over EUR 30,000.00 for the equipment for two kindergartens in Svilajnac. The children from Svilajnac…

Promoting a balanced plate at every meal among preschoolers

The goal of the ABC of Better Me project the Novak Djokovic Foundation currently implements in three selected preschools in…

The Novak Djokovic Foundation invested € 97,000 in the reconstruction and equipping of the first preschool in Medosevac

Thanks to the donation of the Novak Djokovic Foundation in the amount of € 97,000 the kindergarten “Zeka” officially opened…

Schools of Life Seminar in Knic

Schools of Life seminar “Supporting children’s critical thinking skills in the early years” held in Knić.

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