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How Roman Helped

When Roman, an amazing kid from London, found out that his favorite tennis-player Novak Djokovic had a foundation that helps kids go to school, being a five-year old, he asked his parents, “Why?”

When he discovered that kids his own age don’t always have access to kindergarten, where they can play and run and laugh and learn, being a really special five-year old, he thought about what these kids were missing out on, and he didn’t like it one bit. He wanted to do something about it.

So he did.

For his sixth birthday, Roman asked his friends and family to donate the money they would have spent on a birthday present to the Novak Djokovic Foundation. Like we said, amazing and special.

Roman raised £646.83. Enough for two children in Serbia to attend kindergarten. Before Roman’s generous plan, two children weren’t able to attend school. Now, they are.

That’s a big deal to those two kids.

We think Roman is kind of a big deal, too.

We can all be like Roman! It’s as easy as asking “Who can change this?” and as simple as answering, “I can.”

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