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Our monthly donor Filip: “Investing in early education means investing in our future”

“By donating, I want to believe that I’m contributing to our youngest being able to have an environment that will…

Parenting FAQ: Psychologist Smiljana Grujic Answers Your Questions

With the desire to provide support to parents and caregivers in this challenging period, our psychologist and psychotherapist Smiljana Grujic will respond…

Children Don’t Just Need Teachers and Parents – Children Need Children

When spring comes to the village of Stopanja, it will not only bring warmer weather but a new preschool too….

Meet a Girl Who Beat the Autism Symptoms with the Help of Water Sports

n our work, we have witnessed numerous times, that there is no limit to what a child can do if…

A Mystery of a Simple Cardboard Box: Why it is a Child’s Favorite Toy?

A cardboard box is never really just a simple box – it may be a treasure chest, a house, a…

The Brain Benefits of Learning a Second Language at an Early Age

Development of memory, better concentration and focus, faster adaptation, etc. There are many reasons why teaching your child a second…

Travelogue of Mother Nevena – the Participant of “Support, not perfection” Program

During our almost three-month drive through the “Support, not perfection” program, we experienced hundreds of beautiful moments and met wonderful people….

Hypokinesia in Children and How to Overcome its Consequences

Hypokinesia in children or a lack of physical activity can lead to various consequences, from classic cardiovascular problems to psychological…

Nutritionist’s Advice: Why it’s Important for Parents to Read Product Labels

It’s not only important for parents to read the product labels, but also to educate them to understand all the…

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