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Is Your Child a Mommy/Daddy-Maniac?

Does your child frequently insist on daddy dropping them off at the bus stop or mommy picking them up from…

Parenting in a Violent World

It is not easy to teach children compassion for others when the news draw a devastating picture of the world….

SAT prep or Sandcastles—What Should Kids Really Be Learning at Early Ages?

Parents of young children are facing an overwhelming barrage of information and pressure regarding their children’s education. Although it may…

The Hope of a Child

May we all look, at such times, to the children around us to help reignite the hope of the child…

Open Your Hearts and Help Serbian People

This is one of the worst floods ever seen, many cities were evacuated, half of the country may not have…

Zašto su ankete toliko važne?

Dragi svi! Poželela sam da vam se obratim, kako bih se posvetila jednoj veoma važnoj temi koja je od ključnog…

The Value of Education

In one of our previous blog posts we have spoken about the importance of early education and good early years…

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