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12 Suggestions for Sensory Play

Sensory play has an important role in development. Already in the mother’s womb, the child begins to develop certain senses….

MOI – The Joy of Learning Multiliteracies Research and Development Programme

In this blog post, we will introduce you to MOI (Monilukutaitoa opitaan ilolla), the Program for Research and Development of…

How to Teach Kids a Foreign Language with Activities

There are fun and engaging activities that promote language learning with children. On English Language Day, we share how to…

11 Teams Ran and Supported Our Mission at Milano Marathon

From Belgrade and Milano via Buenos Aires, Florida, Chicago, France, and back—Novak Djokovic Foundation community once again showed its strength…

“Daddy will go…” – Personal Story of Ivan Barca, Participant of our “Support, NOT perfection” Workshops

As we eagerly anticipate the beginning of the new cycle of the “Support, NOT perfection” program, with the help of…

Our Fundraiser Wolfango Reached his Goal: Travelled from Florence to Belgrade for children from Vajska

Wishing to inspire as many people as possible to support the opening of preschool in the village of Vajska, Wolfango…

NDF Family Reading List: Children’s Books Your Kid Will Never Forget

Do you need inspiration for a new bedtime story? Your child has read all the children’s books you have in…

Meet a Community Where All Children Will Have Access to Preschool

Generations of smiling children who have spread around the world came from the Vladimirci Municipality. That’s why our team decided…

A Time When Solidarity and Teamwork Save Lives

In light of World Health Day, we share with you our journey through the challenging times that still follow us….

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