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Sports and Women

Despite nearing equality in Olympic competition, there are huge disparities in men’s and women’s sports from the elite level down…

The International Day of Sport

Sport has a unique convening power and it can help direct greater attention to the most at risk and vulnerable…

Yoga for Kids

Children live a busy life. Just as adults deal with the hustle, bustle and pressures of daily living, children do…

Child’s chances as a Winter Olympian

Last week I gave some ideas for keeping children entertained during the dank and dark winter months.

How to break barriers with sports?

With Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day just around the corner, we at #NDF are thinking of all the reasons why sport…

Your Child’s First Sporting Event

Parents pass down so many physical and personality traits, and one thing many parents can’t wait to pass down to…

Athletes Accept Disabilities To Reach Success

Esther Vergeer retired from her sport in February 2013 with a winning streak of 470 matches, 148 singles titles, 21…

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