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Philanthropy as a Non Zero Sum Game

Sir Richard Branson, founder of the social impact body Virgin United, has shown all of us how passion for helping…

Celebrate National Philanthropy Day

November 15, The National Philanthropy day – a day for the whole world to come together united in giving back…

Decoding the phenomenon of ALS Ice bucket challenge

Boards of directors in charities around the world are looking for ways to replicate the success of the ice bucket…

Novak Djokovic Online Shop Launch

I firmly believe that we can all be socially responsible and earn profits too. I choose to support programs and…

Impact Investing for Non Profits

How is impact investing different from the traditional model of funding for non-profit ventures?

Youth Philanthropy

An NGO expert Rosemary D’Monte explains how to encourage and support youth giving.

The Best Charity to Donate to

Six steps to help you decide where your charity donation should go to. By an NGO expert, Rosemary D’Monte.

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