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Parenting tips

Kids and Cooking Skills

In the UK, a fifth of children are overweight or obese when they start school at the age of four.

Children and Social Media

Whilst this generation were born into a world of online communication, the complexities of social media can evade a generation…

The Creation of Ability

Is a baby born with certain abilities or can the intelligence of the baby be increased significantly?

Is There a Problem with Praise?

As care-givers, we worry about children’s self esteem. We worry that children lack self-confidence and that without a good self-image…

The Benefits of a Pet for Children

An estimated 4 in 10 children begin life in a family with pets, and as many as 90 percent of…

Raising Boys

Being a parent and raising children is a life-changing event. It’s tough, responsible and quite a complex task which doesn’t…

Teaching Children Good Manners

In our busy world with so much on our plates, it would be easiest to go through life being rude…

Outcomes of a Divorce

Divorce. The action of legally dissolving a marriage. The fall of great expectations of what once was hoped to be…

How Many Things Can Memory Store?

Close your eyes and think about your first childhood echoes. Someone remembers their first day of school, someone else remembers…

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