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Parenting tips

Their Job When They Grow up

Children sometimes have the funniest ideas about their future career prospects (ice cream seller and Wimbledon ball girl were amongst…

How to Develop Good Communication

Methods and tips on how to develop good communication with your children.

An Attachment with Your Child

A recent study by the Sutton Trust revealed that as many as 40% of children are insecurely attached to their…

Encouraging Children to Do Housework

 Housework can be fun for kid. We wrote about it in one of our previous blog posts. Now read how…

When Good Ideas Become Good Deeds

Matija Rodić is an example of someone turning good ideas into positive actions – a chain reaction of generosity. He…

Physical Violence in Schools

How to deal with physical violence in schools?

How to Decorate Easter Basket

Here are some tips to give your family an idea on how to decorate your Easter egg.

Patience and Understanding

People say that the things the child remember most from their childhood are your failures and certain mistakes. That is true….

How to Make Housework Fun

One day I entered into my son’s room, and noticed it was very messy, from top to bottom. Dirty clothes…

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