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Parenting tips

Physical Violence in Schools

How to deal with physical violence in schools?

How to Decorate Easter Basket

Here are some tips to give your family an idea on how to decorate your Easter egg.

Patience and Understanding

People say that the things the child remember most from their childhood are your failures and certain mistakes. That is true….

How to Make Housework Fun

One day I entered into my son’s room, and noticed it was very messy, from top to bottom. Dirty clothes…

Verbal Bullying in Schools

I’m sure each of you remember some of the friends from school who were mocked and exposed to name-calling, just…

Newborn Spending Time in front of a TV

Bringing your first, new baby home from the hospital is an extremely special time. It’s finally time for your newborn…

Inspirational Fathers – Ziauddin Yousafzai

People ask me what is special about my mentorship that has made Malala so bold, so courageous, so vocal and…

Reading to Your Child

Raising a child who loves to read is a life long investment that pays its self in countless dividends and…

Bringing up Girls

In the wake of International Women’s Day, I think it is only right to look at the next generation of…

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