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Parenting tips

Movies You and Your Kids Will Love This Summer

As summer is slowly on its way, so are several blockbuster releases. Many anticipated movies are finally coming out and…

Celebrity Influence on Kids’ Body Image

There is more and more convincing evidence that media messages and images have harmful effects on children. Particularly on body…

Infants Can Visually Identify Objects

Even by three months of age, babies are visually able to locate objects that stand out from a group, a…

Why Collecting Stickers is Good for Your Child?

INTERVIEW: Mr Ranko Rajović, PhD, member of the World MENSA Committee for gifted children and UNICEF associate for education

Kids Listening to the Family Stories

What do kids learn by listening to the family stories?

Outdoor Adventures for Children

We know that children should be more active and spend more time outside. The problem is that there are so…

Global Day of Parents

June 1 is celebrated worldwide as the Global Day of Parents to honor the parents and their dedication to the children….

Help Children Cope with Natural Disasters

Parents are almost always the best source of support for children in times of natural disasters.

International Day of Families

In 1993 the United Nations proclaimed that May 15 of every year shall be observed as the International Day of…

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