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Parenting tips

10 Things to Help You Dealing with an Angry Child

Help children learn how to manage their anger, by remembering these 10 things when your child gets angry

Are We Facing the End of Childhood?

How often do you go outside with your children, letting them roam around? How do they spend their childhood? Do…

Concussions in Youth Sports

Concussions have become a major source of debate in sports. As the stakes increase, players often risk their long-term health…

Parents Who Take Children out of School

Would you risk a fine and further prosecution to facilitate and reduce the costs of a family holiday?

Have Your Say: Tracking Devices for Children

Should the tracking devices for children be a uniform requirement or stay a parental choice? Isn’t this a form of…

5 Dangerous Things You SHOULD Let Your Kids Do

TED speaker Gever Tulley believes the most effective way to keep children safe is to give them a little taste…

Best Health and Fitness Apps for Kids

Parents can use health and fitness apps for kids to encourage their children to stay active, eat well, and have…

Children and TV

The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that children under two years old do not watch any TV, and that those…

Ode to Camping

Camping — from the old-fashioned sleepaway variety to sports camp, science camps space camp, camp for disabled children, religious camp,…

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