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Parenting tips

How to Celebrate Halloween as a Family

No matter how people celebrate Halloween, this fun holiday provides an opportunity to bond with your kids and spend some…

Playing is Important

Milica Stojanovic, psychologist at Preschool Institution “Kaja” in Ljig, speaks about the importance of playing and its stages during child…

Teenagers – Rebels with a Cause

Being a teenager is tough these days, and being a parent of the teenager is a hard and stressful “job”.

‘Good Enough’ Parents

Despite believing that the problems of society could be traced back to inadequate parenting, strive not to be perfect parents,…

How to Develop Good Study Habits from an Early Age?

The child who develops good study habits from an early age will have an easier time adjusting to an increasingly…

How to boost self-confidence in children and young adults?

Embrace your Individuality, express your personality.  

Outsourced parenting

 Should you pay someone else to raise your child?

PG ratings to be included for music videos: yes or no?

Will a 15 or 18 label really protect children from sexually explicit videos? Should such videos with adult-themed content be…

Parenting Tips: Back to School After Several Years of Being a Fulltime Mom

How to go back to the workforce after several years of being a fulltime mom?

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