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How important are 40 winks?

I am sure most new parents can attest to the sheer exhaustion of the early weeks and months of having…

Sensory integration and therapy in sensory room

What is sensory room and how is it used in schools for children with disabilities?

The Healing Power of Music

Most of us enjoy listening to music, but did you realise it can be used to help people with disability,…

Emotional Child Abuse

We often associate scars, bumps and bruises with abuse, but there is a type of abuse that leaves a scar…

“Pay attention!” How do children answer to this command?

For as long as we can remember childhood is characterised by energy; children are in fact the motor of life…

Physical activity for children with disabilities

Physical activity and sports are of great importance for proper growth and development of children. 

Preschool Inclusion Means A Way To Dream

Many people associate autism with the famous movie “Rain Man” featuring the fabulous Dustin Hoffman. Only few people though really…

Raising A Child With Special Needs

Luka was born without eyeballs, and all of a sudden a whole new path was opened in front of us,…

Full Inclusion – Goal For All Schools?

All around the world, schools have the objective to welcome and introduce students to the community where they are supposed…

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