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Good News

Chain Reaction of Generosity

Have you ever been in the situation to sit with friends in a cafe, enjoy your drinks, discuss certain social…

The Children Who Donated Textbooks

The media is obsessed with bad news nowadays. We can rarely hear or read something positive from our society or…

What Was Written on the Box

Boxes… Made out of cardboard or plastic, big and small, plastered with photos of children and cries for help. Their…

How good news became irrelevant

Only bad news is good news. This is the definition young journalists are frequently taught nowadays. 

Orthodox Christians' Xmas

Christmas is celebrated in memory of the birth of Christ and is the most joyous of all Christian holidays. Traditions…

Preventing Attachment Disorder

Attachment is the tie of affection between two people. It begins with the bond between a mother and infant; a…

If you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own

Happy NEW 2014! #NDF

A year to remember for all of us in NDF

This was important and a very successful year for NDF. During the past twelve months we have built, created, reconstructed,…

Start 2014 focusing on positive examples from our society

It is the end of the year and we are all summing up all the good things we’ve done in…

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