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Anton Skala: The Dream Garden that Changed Everything

The Dream Garden that we donated to the special elementary school “Anton Skala” in Belgrade helped children believe in their…

Douglas Doman about His Lecture in Belgrade

Douglas Doman in his interview for #NDFblog tells that every newborn child has a greater potential intelligence than Leonardo Da…

How to Teach Your Children to Be Charitable

Learn how to teach children to be charitable through these 6 examples and find out what kids from the International…

Register for IAHP Lectures In Belgrade!

Find out when the IAHP lectures on the child brain development in Belgrade will take place and register to attend!

How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Have you broken your New Year’s resolution yet? Here are three simple steps to make you follow through your resolutions…

Happy New Year 2015

NDF team wants to thank all of our supporters for the wonderful year behind us.

Philanthropy as a Non Zero Sum Game

Sir Richard Branson, founder of the social impact body Virgin United, has shown all of us how passion for helping…

Start off Your Writing Career with NDF

Apply for the NDF Writing Fellows program 2014/2015 and set out on a journey towards the career with great professional…

Happy International Day of Charity!

 Today is the International Day of Charity, a day dedicated to spreading awareness of the importance of charity in alleviating…

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