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Why We Do What We Do

Serbia is a nation with breathtaking natural beauty, a rich ancient history, and stunning architecture.

But it is also a nation that has been ravaged by thirty years of war, embargoes, natural disasters, and social unrest.

And it is a country with new generations of children who have a dream for a brighter future. A better future. These children require one major resource to make that future a certainty, not just a vague possibility.

That resource is EDUCATION.

They need our help, because right now, there are 180,000 children in Serbia who are between three and five years old.

And only half of them go to school.

Half will start their primary education at a severe disadvantage to their peers.

Half will be left behind. Half will have the odds stacked against them from the very beginning.

Could you choose which half should thrive and which should not?

We can’t, either.

We choose every child.

We choose every dream for the future of their country and their world.

With your help, EVERY SINGLE pre-school aged CHILD will be free to go to school, where they will learn, play, grow, and FLOURISH. Where they will discover WHO THEY ARE and WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF.

Where they will learn the skills needed to become healthy, capable, productive members of society. Serbian society. European society. The world’s society.

So far, because of YOUR help, Serbia has 18 NEW SCHOOLS.
325 FAMILIES have benefited from our programs.
636 TEACHERS have been trained and supported.

And the lives of 10,000 children have been improved.
10,000 FUTURES have been changed FOR THE BETTER.
Futures like these…


“I love coming to Kindergarten because there are so many toys. And a kitchen. I like to play in the sand, but most of all, my most favorite is the slide. There is one in our classroom and in the yard.

Also, at Školica we have really small toilets. They’re made just for us. At my house we just have a regular big one.

When I grow up, I really want to make salami. I really love to eat salami.”


“I love Kindergarten because I can draw my family or a house, and I can do it all with a marker. I love drawing, but wait, I can’t pick a favorite. I love everything about Kindergarten!

When I grow up I want to be a grown up. And a police officer, so I can stop cars that are going really fast and take them to jail.”

4 and half years old

“I love my School of Life. There are a lot of toys, and I love toys. I also love to draw and write, to play with my friends, and I loved helping to plant the garden. I really like to write my letters. My dad taught me how.

I love everything here. I just really love my School of Life.”

10,000 futures have hope. Serbia’s future has hope. The world’s future has hope. Our future has hope.

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