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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

The Use of Robotics in Education

By Anica Stojkovic on 9th Nov 2017

Over the last few years, interest in educational utilization of robotics has increased and several attempts have been made worldwide…

Early Childhood Education

5 Apps to Get Your Children Engaged With Science

By NDFAdmin on 7th Nov 2017

As regards getting your child excited about science, the screen can be a great ally. This way, a good app…

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education: an Investment Worth Making

By Luiz Felipe Moraes on 2nd Nov 2017

Apart from boosting cognitive development, ECE can be a tool for reducing gaps between the rich and the poor, strengthening…

Early Childhood Education

Using Drama and Theater in the Classroom to Promote Literacy

By Anica Stojkovic on 17th Aug 2017

Numerous studies indicate that using drama in the classroom as a means of teaching helps students learn academically, socially, and…

Early Childhood Education

Moving Forward with Instructional Coaching in Early Childhood

By Rebecca Blazar Lebowitz on 28th Jul 2017

This month, Rebecca Lebowitz, inaugural Djokovic Fellow at Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child, provides insight into her fascinating…

Early Childhood Education

Help Your Child to Learn and Play: What Astronomy Has to Do with Children’s Imagination?

By Luiz Felipe Moraes on 6th Jul 2017

In terms of cognitive development and education, an excellent way to widen your children’s imagination can be through science itself,…

Early Childhood Education

Digital Citizenship and Its Role in Childhood Education

By Anne Steinhoff on 25th May 2017

As the use of technology in the classroom increases, the topic of digital citizenship is gaining momentum. But how can…

Early Childhood Education

Preschool Programs: Worth It or a Waste of Money and Time?

By Luiz Felipe Moraes on 23rd May 2017

It is time for questioning the real effectiveness of preschool programs and the impacts it proposes to have on children’s…

Early Childhood Education

Academic Preschools: Too Much Too Soon?

By Anna Chulack on 19th May 2017

Choosing between an academic and a play-based preschool for your child is, for some parents, simple. But for many others…


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