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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

15 Useful Online Platforms for Teachers during the Coronavirus Outbreak

By Jelena Stojković on 20th Mar 2020

If you were to ask my six-year-old me how I felt when I did not go to preschool during the…

Early Childhood Education

Quality Child Care Can Lead to a Healthy Brain

By Diana Wills on 30th Dec 2019

From the moment babies are born, they’re ready to start learning. The first few years (0 to 5 to be…

Early Childhood Education

The Magic of Season of Giving Lies in Love

By Kristina Lalova on 27th Dec 2019

The Christmas carols on the streets, the snow falling on your cheeks, the taste of hot cocoa on your lips,…

Early Childhood Education

Why not add ‘giving back’ to your ‘to-do’ list?

By Dijana Kocić on 19th Dec 2019

Most of us are constantly chasing after goals and ambitious results, in a rush to complete the endless ‘to-do’ list….

Early Childhood Education

Little Iva has just one wish…to go to preschool!

By NDFAdmin on 12th Dec 2019

Did you know that every other child in Serbia does not have access to preschool education? Every day they miss…

Early Childhood Education

6 Ways How to Enhance Your Child’s Critical Thinking Skills

By Jelena Fu on 1st Nov 2019

Critical thinking is an expression that’s been mentioned a lot for the last few years – in the workplace, education,…

Early Childhood Education

Pros and Cons of the Chinese School System

By Jelena Fu on 6th Sep 2019

We have already written about the pros and cons of educational systems in Japan and Finland. This time we researched…

Early Childhood Education

It’s My Son’s First Day of School – and I’m Freaking Out!

By Nikolina Škaro on 2nd Sep 2019

Pencils, notebooks, backpack? Check! New clothes, launch pack? Check! So, everything is ready for the first day of school. But…

Early Childhood Education

10 Best Puzzles to Grow the Mental Health of Kids

By Rebecca Siggers on 29th Aug 2019

Just like every other part of the body, a child’s mind needs stimulation to grow and develop. If you’re looking…


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