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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

10 Fun Ways to Motivate Children to Learn Mandarin Chinese

By NDFAdmin on 31st Jul 2020

owadays a lot of people would like their kids to learn Chinese because they see China as an influential player…

Early Childhood Education

The Importance of Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility

By Pranav Jha on 22nd Jul 2020

Financial literacy is just as important in life as the other basics, as John Rogers had told. The art of…

Early Childhood Education

How can Teachers Teach Kids With Learning Differences in the Classroom

By NDFAdmin on 18th Jun 2020

t’s no secret that not every student will learn the same way or at the same place. While learning independently…

Early Childhood Education

How to Talk to your Child about Politics

By Anne Steinhoff on 5th Jun 2020

With the next US presidential election around the corner in November, politics seem to be everywhere: online, on TV, and…

Early Childhood Education

The Benefits of Toy Library

By NDFAdmin on 5th Jun 2020

Sidney Sheldon, an American writer, and successful producer once acknowledged that “Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They…

Early Childhood Education

Audiobooks for Kids: For or Against?

By Sanja Petrovski on 5th Jun 2020

n a very short time, audiobooks became very popular and broadly used, not just among adults, but also among children…

Early Childhood Education

Helen Lumgair: How to Support Your Child’s Social and Emotional Learning

By Helen Lumgair on 28th Apr 2020

n my previous blog I wrote about how by reading stories to your children, you’re establishing a learning relationship with…

Early Childhood Education

Benefits of Learning with Mnemonic Techniques for Children

By Kristina Gavrilović on 28th Apr 2020

In cooperation with Leonida Institute, Novak Djokovic Foundation launched a YouTube series of lectures on the topic of learning with…

Early Childhood Education

Creating a Learning Partnership with Children through the Use of Stories

By Helen Lumgair on 22nd Apr 2020

y recent Instagram live chat with Jelena Djokovic focused on how we can support children’s learning during this time of…


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