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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Preschools of the Future – a Paper, Crayons and an iPad

By Aleksandar Petrunovic on 20th Apr 2018

iPads are being used in elementary and high school classrooms to help motivate students to learn across the United States….

Early Childhood Education

Big Benefits of Investing in Quality Early Childhood Education – Heckman’s Research

By Jelena Aleksov on 11th Apr 2018

“There’s a growing recognition of the value of investing in quality early childhood programs. It’s time to act on the…

Early Childhood Education

How ScratchJr Can Make Kids Better Learners and Digital Creators

By Tara Cvetkovic on 8th Mar 2018

Many experts agree that coding can and should start young. Until recently, however, an age limit had been effectively imposed…

Early Childhood Education

The Journey of Early Childhood Education Through Time

By Jelena Aleksov on 5th Feb 2018

For over 2,000 years  the issues of “why” and “how” to teach young children have engaged philosophers, psychologists and educators…

Early Childhood Education

How to Conquer Your Child’s Math Anxiety

By Tara Cvetkovic on 19th Jan 2018

As early as kindergarten, kids are introduced to math. As they progress in grade school, children will learn math skills…

Early Childhood Education

Good Practice in Celebrating Holidays in Kindergarten Curriculum

By Jelena Aleksov on 11th Jan 2018

Children love and look forward to holidays and the fun that goes along with each one. However, when parents visit…

Early Childhood Education

ScratchJr – Visual Programming Language for Children Ages 5–7

By Jelena Aleksov on 30th Dec 2017

Just as writing helps you organize your thinking and express your ideas, the same is true for coding. Coding enables…

Early Childhood Education

The Use of Robotics in Education

By Anica Stojkovic on 9th Nov 2017

Over the last few years, interest in educational utilization of robotics has increased and several attempts have been made worldwide…

Early Childhood Education

5 Apps to Get Your Children Engaged With Science

By NDFAdmin on 7th Nov 2017

As regards getting your child excited about science, the screen can be a great ally. This way, a good app…


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