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Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

How to Help Your Child Cope With Eco-Anxiety

By Kristina Lalova on 15th Nov 2019

The unfolding events around the Global Climate Strike have brought to the surface the issue of ‘eco-anxiety’. Children are increasingly…

Early Childhood Development

Anger is an Emotion that Comes from our Thoughts

By Smiljana Grujić on 1st Nov 2019

Children’s and parental feelings are often known to be very strong. It happens that when children exhibit unacceptable behavior for…

Early Childhood Development

Childhood Emotions Your Child Will Always Remember

By Kristina Vukomanovic on 1st Nov 2019

Feelings have the power to call up memories, and memories are there to evoke emotions. The deepest, purest, strongest emotions…

Early Childhood Development

A Child and a Dentist Can Be Great Friends

By Ljubica Pavlović Trifunović on 22nd Oct 2019

Is this possible? It really is! Going to the dentist can be a pleasant experience, of course, if you start going…

Early Childhood Development

How to Teach Children to Nurture Healthy Eating Habits?

By NDFAdmin on 16th Oct 2019

One of the very important parts of being a parent is creating different kinds of healthy habits, for example towards…

Early Childhood Development

How Athletics Changed My Childhood

By Maja Ljubinković on 15th Oct 2019

Research has shown that children who engage in individual sports grow up to rely solely on themselves and choose to…

Early Childhood Development

Benefits of Meditation for Kids

By Jelena Fu on 10th Oct 2019

Recently, a friend whose son is just starting primary school asked me an interesting question, knowing that my daughter is…

Early Childhood Development

Sharenting – A Challenge of Digital Parenting

By Dobrinka Kuzmanović on 9th Oct 2019

As you are reading this text, you are probably in front of a screen of a digital device with access…

Early Childhood Development

How children taught me to solve problems

By Kristina Vukomanovic on 28th Aug 2019

There are many quotes by numerous educators, psychologists, and writers, about children, which I apply in everyday life and which…


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