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Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

Does My Child Need to See a Speech Language Pathologist? 

By NDFAuthors on 18th May 2022

This National Speech Pathology Day, let’s remember to address the thinking and communication needs of children early on and shed…

Early Childhood Development

Half a Century of Play at the Pinocchio Puppet Theater

By NDFAdmin on 5th Apr 2022

The largest puppet theater in Serbia marks half a century of its existence. At the ceremony organized on this occasion,…

Early Childhood Development

Impact of Screen Time on Child Development

By NDFAuthors on 19th Feb 2022

We all know how bad it is to spend time in front of a screen, but we also forget that…

Early Childhood Development

Opening of Sensory Room in Kovacica Marks the End of Another Successful Year of Friendship with Generali Insurance Serbia and The Human Safety Net

By NDFAdmin on 28th Dec 2021

After Zajecar and Sjenica, the sensory room in Kovacica is the third we opened this year. Multi-sensory rooms are particularly…

Early Childhood Development

Why Every Child Should Have Their Own Garden

By NDFAuthors on 1st Oct 2021

Younger generations are increasingly deprived of the natural world, but the solution to their nature-deficiency is not to simply throw…

Early Childhood Development

How to Help your Kid Find Passion

By NDFAuthors on 23rd Aug 2021

Whatever you take the positive meaning of passion to be, it can be very hard to find yours. Many adults…

Early Childhood Development

NDF Family Reading List: Children’s Books Your Kid Will Never Forget

By NDFAdmin on 23rd Apr 2021

Do you need inspiration for a new bedtime story? Your child has read all the children’s books you have in…

Early Childhood Development

Parenting FAQ: Psychologist Smiljana Grujic Answers Your Questions

By Smiljana Grujić on 26th Mar 2021

With the desire to provide support to parents and caregivers in this challenging period, our psychologist and psychotherapist Smiljana Grujic will respond…

Early Childhood Development

A Mystery of a Simple Cardboard Box: Why it is a Child’s Favorite Toy?

By Kristina Vukomanovic on 15th Mar 2021

A cardboard box is never really just a simple box – it may be a treasure chest, a house, a…


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