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Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

My month of “teaching challenge”: Stefan and I visiting the museum

By Jelena Đoković on 12th Jul 2018

”Two children decided to go to the museum. I prepared for one, but not for the other.” Find out more…

Early Childhood Development

How to avoid losing your temper when your child won’t listen

By Smiljana Grujić on 12th Jun 2018

There are always the endless pressures of life: appointments we’re late to, things we’ve forgotten until the last moment, health…

Early Childhood Development

Help Wanted: Must Play Well with Others

By NDFAdmin on 25th Apr 2018

By John J. Brennan and Robert J. Myers If you are in the workforce, you have probably dealt with co-workers…

Early Childhood Development

Fear as Your Insurance Policy

By Ananya Singh on 16th Mar 2018

Without fear, we’d jump headlong into things we shouldn’t. So, a little fear is good!

Early Childhood Development

Children Need Social and Emotional Skills to Be Kindergarten Ready and Reach Long-Term Success

By Jelena Aleksov on 1st Mar 2018

Being ready for kindergarten is more than just learning letters and numbers.

Early Childhood Development

Adaptive Skills Activities for Toddlers

By Elizabeth Brewer on 18th Feb 2018

Learning is a fundamental component of early childhood education. Self-care and adaptive tasks are an integral part of that. Prior…

Early Childhood Development

4 Tips for Teaching Your Child How to Ride a Bike “on the Road”

By Elizabeth Brewer on 26th Jan 2018

Riding a bike is an essential lifelong skill. Many people fondly remember the story of how an adult in their…

Early Childhood Development

What Does Your Tummy Say? – Important Question to Ask Children at Mealtimes

By Jelena Aleksov on 23rd Jan 2018

A “happy plate” is one in front of a child who’s permitted to listen to her body, not our out-of-date…

Early Childhood Development

How to Teach Your Kids to Tidy up in Marie Kondo Style?

By Elizabeth Brewer on 17th Jan 2018

Clutter can be an everyday inhabitant of homes across the globe. Families with small children in particular can relate. So…


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