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Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

10 Tips on How to Improve the Quality of your Child’s Screen Time

By Dobrinka Kuzmanović on 19th Nov 2020

This year, on the occasion of World Children’s Day, we wanted to cover the pressing topic, which is made more…

Early Childhood Development

Screen Time in Early Childhood: How Much and at What Age?

By Dobrinka Kuzmanović on 19th Nov 2020

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges for parents and children which led to children spending more time in…

Early Childhood Development

The Loop of Needs – When Care for Ourselves Becomes Care for our Children

By Marko Radivojević on 16th Nov 2020

Same as how it is important for children to have their needs satisfied so that they can feel pleasant, parents…

Early Childhood Development

How to Keep Kids Safe Online in the Age of Virtual Learning

By NDFAdmin on 19th Oct 2020

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, some schools have temporarily shut their doors to students and shifted to virtual…

Early Childhood Development

Ideas for a Quick and Healthy Breakfast for Children

By NDFAdmin on 15th Oct 2020

Since family mornings are usually filled with the rush of preparing for school and work, it sometimes happens that parents…

Early Childhood Development

What Do Younger Generations Think About Parenting: “A Child Should Be a Priority”

By Kristina Vukomanovic on 1st Oct 2020

ven though we think they do not notice or remember some childhood moments, younger generations remember everything and form their…

Early Childhood Development

Child’s Developmental Milestones At Age 5

By NDFAdmin on 30th Sep 2020

It is important to build a strong foundation for any building to make it able to reach greater heights. In…

Early Childhood Development

10 Ways to Help your Child Learn to Accept Defeat

By Martina Heđi Kirić on 22nd Sep 2020

hildren learn through play, develop their capacities, acquire various skills and cultivate a competitive spirit. All of this has a…

Early Childhood Development

How Dogs Influence Development of Children

By NDFAdmin on 9th Sep 2020

Dogs have an immense influence on the development of children and they can teach them some of the most important…


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