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Posts by Vesna Zečević

5 Lessons Kids Learn From Composting

Perhaps at first glance, composting does not seem like an interesting and educational activity. However, when you try it, you…

Benefits of Gardening for Children

Activation of the senses and motor skills, spreading awareness of the importance of environmental protection, nurturing healthy eating habits, are…

Nutritionist’s Advice: Why it’s Important for Parents to Read Product Labels

It’s not only important for parents to read the product labels, but also to educate them to understand all the…

Why We Should Include Children in Food Preparation

Including children into ‘kitchen work’ demands a lot of time, patience, and cleaning, but these activities are very much worth…

Nutritionist’s Advice: Good Food Choices for Children in this Period

n my last blog, I’ve explained which vitamins are essential for the strengthening of a child’s immunity during the pandemic….

Nutritionist’s Advice: How to Strengthen a Child’s Immunity during Pandemic

odern dietary habits of the population are based mostly on industrially processed foods. Children are victims of bad diet and…

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