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Posts by Sophie Morgan Williams

Keep your children entertained throughout the winter

Winter has well and truly set in and hibernation seems like the only appropriate option for us daylight deprived adults.

Positive Gender Messages

Children start to become aware of gender at around the age of two years old. 

Introducing a Child to a Foreign Language

It is fascinating to see how quickly the children pick up the new sounds and language and how easily they…

Why Should Children Learn a Foreign Language?

You may be forgiven for thinking me biased for pushing the importance of language learning, I am a French teacher…

How important are 40 winks?

I am sure most new parents can attest to the sheer exhaustion of the early weeks and months of having…

What Age Should Children Start Formal Schooling?

The age that children begin formal, compulsory and full time schooling is a contentious issue around the world.

Healthy Breakfast and Regular Meals

A survey last year flagged up that 14% of children eat no breakfast before school.1 This taps into a real…

How To Encourage Child’s Creativity?

Creativity guru, Sir Ken Robinson has had more YouTube hits than most never mind that he is not the latest…

What is Good State Education?

In all this talk of some of the best Early Year’s approaches to education, one thing struck me… all of…

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