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Posts by Sophie Morgan Williams

Four Myths about Teachers

There are many myths about teachers. In this text we will try to debunk some of them.

Children and Thank You Letters

Many parents face the dilemma how to get their children to thank the kind and generous gift givers, and the…

Just Fussy with Food? Or Could It Be ARFID?

ARFID is a problem with eating causing a child, teen or adult to be unable to meet their nutritional requirements.

Bilingual Babies

There are many great ways of raising bilingual babies, we suggest you read some of them.

‘Good Enough’ Parents

Despite believing that the problems of society could be traced back to inadequate parenting, strive not to be perfect parents,…

European Day of Languages – 26th September

Did you know that September 26th is European Day of Languages? Read how you can celebrate the day, promote languages…

Chess: More than Just a Game

Thinking back to my introduction to the game of chess takes me back to a wet and blustery day and…

What makes avocados a superfood?

Avocados are delicious and healthy food, which help with heart protection, eye health, nutrition, cancer protection, and many other important…

Building Resilience in Children

Life throws up all sorts of obstacles we never planned: death, divorce or even the recent floods, not to mention…

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