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Posts by Ranko Rajovic

Why Splashing in Mud Puddles Is Beneficial for Children

When we see mud puddles, we avoid them. When kids see mud puddles, they jump in and splash in them.

Why Is It So Important to Let Children Play?

Playing is very important for early development of children, because running, jumping, skipping, crawling, and climbing stimulate different regions of…

Zašto je sakupljanje sličica dobro za Vaše dete?

INTERVJU: dr Ranko Rajović, saradnik UNICEF-a za edukaciju, član Komiteta medjunarodne Mense za darovitu decu.

Why Collecting Stickers is Good for Your Child?

INTERVIEW: Mr Ranko Rajović, PhD, member of the World MENSA Committee for gifted children and UNICEF associate for education

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