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Posts by Ivana Cirkovic

Let’s Respect Children’s Rights

We adults must respect the children and their rights. They are our future and it is our duty to ensure…

World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day takes place on August 19th, and is a time to recognize those who face danger and adversity…

International Youth Day

International Youth Day is celebrated on August 12th. It was first observed in 2000 with the purpose to draw attention…

Kids Listening to the Family Stories

What do kids learn by listening to the family stories?

Life beyond Borders

How life is not defined by what happens to us, but by the choices we make. 

Global Day of Parents

June 1 is celebrated worldwide as the Global Day of Parents to honor the parents and their dedication to the children….

International Day of Families

In 1993 the United Nations proclaimed that May 15 of every year shall be observed as the International Day of…

Encouraging Children to Do Housework

 Housework can be fun for kid. We wrote about it in one of our previous blog posts. Now read how…

Svetski dan osoba obolelih od autizma

Svetski Dan osoba obolelih od autizma uveden je rezolucijom Generalne skupštine UN 18. decembra 2007. godine, od kada se obeležava…

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