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How a Backyard Trampoline Improves Children’s Growth and Activity

Parents always keep searching for the best ways and toys to assist their beloved kids’ better development. Among all the…

NDF Family Reading List: Children’s Books Your Kid Will Never Forget

Do you need inspiration for a new bedtime story? Your child has read all the children’s books you have in…

Meet a Community Where All Children Will Have Access to Preschool

Generations of smiling children who have spread around the world came from the Vladimirci Municipality. That’s why our team decided…

A Time When Solidarity and Teamwork Save Lives

In light of World Health Day, we share with you our journey through the challenging times that still follow us….

Our monthly donor Filip: “Investing in early education means investing in our future”

“By donating, I want to believe that I’m contributing to our youngest being able to have an environment that will…

Children Don’t Just Need Teachers and Parents – Children Need Children

When spring comes to the village of Stopanja, it will not only bring warmer weather but a new preschool too….

Meet a Girl Who Beat the Autism Symptoms with the Help of Water Sports

n our work, we have witnessed numerous times, that there is no limit to what a child can do if…

Travelogue of Mother Nevena – the Participant of “Support, not perfection” Program

During our almost three-month drive through the “Support, not perfection” program, we experienced hundreds of beautiful moments and met wonderful people….

WEF 2021 Highlights: Reimagining education

Closure of the digital gap, new global education approach, unity and innovation. Here’s how the future of education was discussed during…

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