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Posts by Milanka Petrova

Wheatgrass Juice – a Perfect Detox

Thanks to its many benefits, the wheatgrass juice is a real elixir of life and it will be valuable contribution…

Delicious Healthy Breakfast

Making healthy breakfast on Monday mornings doesn’t have to be a hard work. Here are several ideas for a delicious…

Čokoladni sladoled bez šećera

Probajte čokoladni sladoled posle koga nećete osećati grižu savesti jer ne sadrži šećer, veštačke zaslađivače, konzervanse ili bilo koju drugu…

Guilt-Free Chocolate Ice Cream

This guilt-free chocolate ice cream doesn’t contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives or any other harmful substances. It is delicious and…

Top 5 Hydrating Foods

During the summer season we tend to lose more water than usually and that’s why it is very important to…

How to Get Children to Eat Healthy Food

Being a parent is the most wonderful and perhaps the hardest thing in life.

Make a Passion Fruit Green Smoothie

How to make a passion fruit green smoothie.

Smoothies – Refreshing Meals in a Glass

Smoothie is a blended beverage made primary from fresh fruit.

Shopska Salad

The traditional version of this salad is very popular in all the Balkan countries.

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