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Ten Ideas to Give Back During Holidays

The end of year is a great time to “give back” and reach out to those in need.

Are Your Kids Victims of Cyberbullying?

Did you know that 1 out 3 children is now a victim of cyber bullying. Get informed on how you…

What Is the Impact of Digital Access on Children’s Mental Health?

The impact of digital access on young people’s mental health doesn’t have to be harmful if we follow several basic…

College Eating Habits

Research into college eating habits shows that almost half of the students survive on sugar, pizzas, and pasta.

PG ratings to be included for music videos: yes or no?

Will a 15 or 18 label really protect children from sexually explicit videos? Should such videos with adult-themed content be…

How our childhood affects our ability to succeed?

Does what we experience during our childhood affect our chances of success in the future? How much does where someone…

Are We Facing the End of Childhood?

How often do you go outside with your children, letting them roam around? How do they spend their childhood? Do…

Parents Who Take Children out of School

Would you risk a fine and further prosecution to facilitate and reduce the costs of a family holiday?

Have Your Say: Tracking Devices for Children

Should the tracking devices for children be a uniform requirement or stay a parental choice? Isn’t this a form of…

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