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Posts by Elena Scuro

Make Optimism The Way of Life For Your Child

The way parents look at things – with optimism or pessimism – will eventually be the way their child looks…

Why Taking Naps Is so Important

Taking naps is very important for children as this can help them preserve their memory and learn better.

Interactive Books Bring Stories To Life

Interactive books help engage creativity and logical thinking, and babies adore them.

Honey: Nature’s Sweet Superfood

Honey is considered one of nature’s best and most powerful products and a superfood.

Why Martial Arts are Good for the Special Needs Children?

Martial arts are great for the children with special needs because they are just an “art.” It includes self-expression and…

A Lucky Tradition in the Orthodox Church

Serbian Cesnica and Greek Vasilopita are important parts of the Orthodox tradition during the holidays, which make the whole family…

How to Enjoy Autumn Activities

Autumn activities are among the best things about this season. There are certain things that only this time of year…

How to Keep Cavities Away?

By regularly visiting the dentist, having proper daily dental care, and by practicing good eating habits you too can successfully…

Zdrava težina: kako je postići i očuvati?

Indeks telesne mase (BMI) je najbolji način da utvrdite da li je zdrava telesna težina pitanje o kom vi i…

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