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Posts by Daniel Sargent

Sportisti kao uzor mladim generacijama

Sportisti jesu inspiracija i uzor mladima, ali deca mogu da se ugledaju i na roditelje, naučnike, nastavnike, i druge koji…

Athletes as Role Models

Professional athletes demonstrate discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship. 

Fizičko vaspitanje za bolji uspeh u školi

Čas fizičkog često deluje kao predah od ostalih časova u školi. Međutim,istraživanja pokazuju da je on od velike važnosti za…

Benefits of Physical Education

Gym class is often the first to be cut from schools. Recess seems like a bonus, but research shows that…

Creativity in the Classroom

Do modern educational systems inhibit freedom of expression and creativity?

Autism and Athletics

Sports can dramatically improve the social skills and confidence of autistic children.

Spaces for Sports: “Street leagues” on every corner

Playing football or basketball helps kids stay active and engaged with their peers. Unfortunately though, many of these aspiring athletes…

First Steps to Fitness

It’s never too early to teach children the benefits of physical activity. In the United States, the childhood obesity rate…

Skateistan: Hope and Community on Wheels

The growth of Skateistan is a remarkable story of sport breaking down social barriers. The NGO has given thousands of…

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