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Posts by Ananya Singh

Fear as Your Insurance Policy

Without fear, we’d jump headlong into things we shouldn’t. So, a little fear is good!

Dealing with the Stress of Finding Joy

“All I wish is that joy were a fruit that grew on the get-at-able branches of some perennial, evergreen tree…

Early Childhood Development: Let’s Have Some “Art Talk”

Visual and verbal literacy are developed through active experiences with the visual arts, including questioning and dialogue, what it often…

What Do You Do When You Have a Gifted Child?

Famous scientist Issac Newton did poorly in school but later turned out to be one of the most reputed scientists…

Did You Know That There Is a Connection Between Language Skills in Early Childhood and Depression?

Too much to “say”, too little to “express”.

Why Do Kids Lie? Empowering the Clueless Parents of a Lying Kid

 Kids aren’t born with a moral code; you have to ingrain it in them. How?

Dealing with Your Kid’s Ineterruptis-itis

The anatomy of the parental action & reaction spectrum.

Aboard on the Literary Flight

Knowing and understanding the myriad reasons behind why children don’t like to read may help in the process of encouraging…

A Child’s Social Circle – A Play Date

From a one-man band to a mellifluous duet . The ABC of being social animals.

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